January 24, 2011

To Post or Not to Post - That is the Question...

This is one of those outfits that as the day went on I just grew to hate it more and more.  I guess that is what happens when you don't really take the time to plan out your outfit.  Instead you open up your closet and think "What will I NOT wear during the 30 for 30 challenge?" (even though this pink tee might very well end up in the included pile).  And then you start pulling stuff out and say to yourself, "Hey self, I think this might actually work!" And both the lying mirror and the mirror of truth say, "Hey, yeah, this might actually work!".  Then you take your photos and the camera says, "I think it truly might be ok!".  So you go to work all confident in your wardrobe choice.  But then the day goes on and the women's bathroom mirror says, "Honey, what were you thinking?" and the reflection in the glass doors throughout the office say, "Giiirrrllll, what in the world??" and then your hair starts rebelling against you and so up it goes into a non-attractive ponytail, even though there is no one to attract at the office, so why do I even care?  Because of vanity, that is why.  Pure vanity.

So I will go home and change lickedty-split into my sweats/pjs (which I usually do anyway) and call this outfit done.  I debated about even posting it, but decided for authenticity's sake that even not the best outfit ever deserves to be posted :).

Anyway, hallelujah, Monday has come to an end.  I've had a bad case of the Mondays today I tell you, a bad case.  Time to go home to Chris Harrison and The Bachelor. Can't wait to see the tale of Michelle's black eye!!

Sweater, Tee, Belt, Headband - J.Crew
Skirt - Old Navy
Socks - Target
Necklace - Payless
Watch - Fossil via gift
Boots - Steve Madden via Piperlime
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