June 24, 2010

In Which I Channel My Inner Hamburglar for Inspiration...

Do you ever have those days in which you put together an outfit and you think it works but as the day goes on you lose your confidence over it and by the end of the day, aren't quite sure what you were thinking?  That's how I would describe this outfit for today.  I wanted to play off of stripes - mix and match horizontal with vertical, which I had previously tried a couple of weekends ago but with a different, more subtly striped top (which I hope to get around to posting those pictures sometime soon).  But today I was feeling a little bit bolder and wanted to really punch it up.  I decided to pair my black and white striped top from TJMaxx with some pinstripe bermuda shorts.  And then to add a little extra flair, I wanted to add in the color pink for some reason.  I first tried a pink ribbon tied into a bow, which was ok, but then I found a pink belt among my box of belts and decided to go with that.  Of course I then had to find some pink shoes and the only thing that came to mind were a pair of hot pink sandals that I found at Target last season, which I knew didn't exactly match, but decided to go with anyway.  So this is what I ended up with...

I wish I had remembered to move my hair back a bit because I also wore these really pretty pink shell earrings.  I decided against trying to do a necklace today.

I think what got me about this outfit was that as I was driving into work, out of the blue my mind said "You look like Hamburglar" and I burst out laughing because yes, indeed, I was channeling a little bit of Hamburglar in this outfit.

Anyway...if I do look like Hamburglar, I blame it on the summer cold that I'm currently fighting off (I just can't catch a break this week).

For a fun take on mixing stripes, check out KendiEveryday's Vertical Horizon post from a few days ago and be sure to start humming "He's everything you want, he's everything you need" while reading.

Shirt - TJMaxx
Shorts - Gap
Belt - AE from looong ago (and a galaxy far far away)
Sandals - Target, last season
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