January 7, 2011

Back to Normal

Whew - I feel sooooo much better today about my hair and outfit!  The true back story to yesterday's outfit and hair fiasco is that I had this outfit already in mind, but didn't want to wear heels for the fourth day in a row, so tried to do something creative with flats, but nothing was working, so I ended up having to throw on some jeans and call it a day.  Thank goodness that this outfit came out as well as I was hoping it would in my mind.  I feel like a day is destined to be serendipitous when that happens - even if that is the most serendipitous thing of the day :).

I am in love with my new infinity scarf - it is my first Etsy purchase and it is fantastic!  It was exactly what I was hoping for in terms of color, style, and length.  I highly recommend jolie parisienne - the whole shopping experience was so simple and easy and I received my scarf in what seemed like no time and I thought the prices were pretty great for the product that I was looking for.

I also wish I had a close up of my earrings for I really really love them.  They are so cute and fun and I know that I am going to get a TON of wear out them - they were a Mississippi purchase as well from a cute shop called Turkoyz :).

ANYWAY, I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!  I am really looking forward to it - this week back at work has been really rough after our "break".  And today for some unknown reason I have developed a weird uncontrollable eye twitch, which my doctor (WebMD) says is due to stress, lack of sleep, and caffeine (guilty, guilty, and guilty - yet I would still like some more coffee).  Oh well!  Happy Friday to you all :)!

Skirt, Top, Blazer - J.Crew (Blazer was a giveaway from my aunt!)
Tights, Shoes, Watch - TJMaxx (Shoes - Nine West, Watch - Fossil)
Scarf - jolie parisienne
Earrings - Turkoyz
Belt - Ross
Necklace - Jess LC
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