January 6, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Sorry everyone - no outfit post for today.  Today was the perfect storm of bad hair + bad outfit = bad mood and no type of mood for pictures, even though I generally try to be authentic and honest about what I am wearing, whether or not I like it - no dice today though.  And yesterday's outfit would have been great to post - if I had some decent pictures of it.  *Blurgh*

BUT, I do have a post up, albeit at my own "personal" blog - it is my first blog, my true experiment into this field of Web 2.0 and at times deeply personal - at others, deeply irreverent - pretty much an expression of myself, come to think of it :).  So, if you have any interest whatsoever in further thoughts on Monday's Bachelor premiere, head on over here.  I am sooooo glad that some of you are fans - I have literally been watching and recapping this series since Season Two with my two best friends in college, which was all the way back in the last decade!! (2003).  And if you want a truly hilarious recapper's take, head on over to www.ihategreenbeans.com!

Hopefully tomorrow will hold a better outfit! *fingers crossed*
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