January 21, 2011

Monochromatic Look - Neutral Tones

I decided to play around with neutral tones today and create an entire outfit out of neutral items in my closet.  I got the idea from an old J.Crew catalog that I had saved and was flipping through the other day and once I saw it, I started thinking what items in my closet would work for that look.  Thankfully, as in yesterday's miracle, this look came together as I hoped it would.  The only thing non-neutral-y is the belt, which I added to give some waist definition - otherwise I would have looked like one big marshmallow.  Which I probably do anyway.  Now I'm just a marshmallow with a burnt tinge to it.

There's also a lot of texture play going on - the pants are some kind of velveteen blend, the tank is a chiffon/cottony blend, and the lightweight sweater is cottony/linen.  I thought about going with just plain khakis this morning but I'm glad I didn't.  I also was surprised to see how much of a creamy pink the lightweight sweater is against all the other neutrals.  And the necklace was sheer luck - I wasn't sure what accessories I was going to wear when it suddenly hit me to use it. Yay for inspiration!

I can't believe that today is Friday by the way.  Somehow this week managed to both drag on for entirety and end at light speed.  Same thing with this month - I cannot believe that it is already January 21st!!  Wasn't it just the New Year yesterday??  I hate these time warps that I seem to continually get in - it really throws me for a loop.  Anyway, I'm going to be spending this weekend planning for the winter edition of the 30 for 30 challenge!  Yes, I am doing it again and am nervous about doing it, but not as nervous as I was the first time.  When Kendi first posted about doing the 30 for 30 again, I thought about skipping it, but then I just finished reading this book about art and the importance of practicing it.  My major creative outlet these days is in figuring out my style, and I learned so much about "style" the first time, I decided that I needed to practice it again to continue to hone it.  I am super-nervous about trying to do so during February in Virginia but am just going to hope that I will make it through somehow :).  I have to at least try :)!

Let me know if you are going to be doing the 30 for 30, winter edition! I would love to follow and encourage you along!!

And coming next week - a farewell tour to my closet (and shoes *sob* I'm already missing them - that is the part I hate the most about the 30 for 30!)

Chiffon Tank, Cotton Sweater, Velveteen Pants, Necklace - J.Crew (they should give me a sponsorship, I swear)
Shoes - Tahari via DSW
Belt - H&M
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