January 27, 2011

Snowtime in Virginia

Well us here in Northern Virginia had our snowmadeggdon of the year!  Six to ten inches came down yesterday, fast, after sleeting all morning first.  I was a lucky one - I left my office yesterday right before the storm hit, so was able to avoid the traffic nightmares that others in the region suffered through.  Some people sat in their cars for over 12 hours trying to get home on commutes that usually take 20 minutes.  Others just abandoned them on the side of the road, blocking snow plows trying to get the roads clear.  We do not handle bad weather here very well - the whole region kind of comes to a stop.  The high school kids that I work with through Young Life have only been in school for 2 days in 2 weeks!  I want to be on their schedule! Boo for being an adult :).

Anyway - first pic is me after shoveling my walkway :).  Sorry for the no makeup!  The other pictures I was trying to channel all you wonderful Midwest and Canadian bloggers who somehow manage to look fabulous in the wintertime!  My hat is off to you :).  My winters are usually 30 degree days on the cold days and 40 degree days on the normal days.  I want the normal days back!  Oh seasonal affectiveness disorder, you have me in your grip.

At least though I can still see the beauty in some of the winter days.  This was the wonderland I woke to this morning:

There is something beautiful about it.

Dress - UrbanOutfitters
Leggings - Victoria's Secret
Turtleneck - TJMaxx
Belt - J.Crew
Necklace - Jess LC
Watch, Boots, Socks - Gift
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