January 28, 2011

Guess What Happened Today??

If you guessed snow, you are correct!! You win the million dollar prize!! Except the government is going to take half of it away for "tax reasons", and then you'll only have $500k, which isn't the same as a million, but I hope you will be happy with half a prize ;).

But yes, indeed, it snowed yet AGAIN today.  Thankfully it didn't do too much to the roads and then later on the SUN CAME OUT!! I had begun to think that it didn't exist anymore, it's been so blah and gray and wintery for so long.  I am craving some sunshine and something green sprouting up from a ground - even if it is a weed - just something!

Anyway, again, here I am with the leggings and hiking boots - I don't wear much else when it snows (unless it is jeans and hiking boots).  Trying to be work appropriate with the dress and button-down.  I almost forgot to add a belt to this morning - it doesn't really need one, but I like the pop of print it adds to the basics.  Also, that bubble dress is actually a deep purple, which hopefully you can see as purple in your web browser - my little camera did not feel like picking up different color hues this morning other than black, gray, and white - I think it too has seasonal affectiveness disorder.

Hope you have a happy weekend!! I am excited for another free weekend - except I have to pick out my 30 for 30 items (eep!).  I guess I'll do that when it is SNOWING again.  This winter 30 for 30 remix is going to be all about the layers - that much I can tell you straight away!

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you picked your 30 for 30 items yet?  Are you lucky enough to have sunshine in your neck of the woods or is it more like perpetual, endless, Narnian winter and can commiserate with me?

Purple Bubble Dress - TJMaxx
White Button Down - LE Canvas
Zebra Belt - The Limited
Leggings - Victoria's Secret
Gloves - J.Crew
Hat, boots, socks - Gift
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