September 22, 2010

(Sort of) Best Day Ever

You guys - this quite possibly has to be one of the best days ever.  I mean, ever.  It has been uber-productive at work - there is nothing like getting a ton of things done.  Then I got asked by a friend to be the "expert" (term used loosely) at an accessories swap that her local church is doing.  Also all through the day my IPod has been rockin' out an amazing array of songs that perfectly fit the moment and my mood.  Then...THen...THEn...THEN I WON A CONTEST FROM TJMAXX AND NOW HAVE A $100 GIFT CARD/CERTIFICATE IN THE MAIL WITH MY NAME ON IT!!! Ohmygoodness, I am SOOOO excited!! Especially since I have given up shopping in September (I have not posted about it on this blog because I didn't want to make it official but now it is) - but I mean, come on, if there's a gift card involved, I am all over it.  It probably won't get here until November, at which time I will have forgotten all about it, so how even more awesome will it be to open the mail and be like, Ohmygosh a gift card from TJMaxx!!!

If you're not a fan of TJMaxx on Facebook, I highly suggest that you do so - they are running a contest each week in which you submit a photo with a style story on the current trend that they are featuring that week.  It's super simple and you could win the grand prize of $500 - which, the only thing better than a $100 gift certificate to TJMaxx is a $500 gift certificate to TJMaxx!!

As for today's current outfit - it only sort of fits my awesome day.  It is linen, so that is why after 2.3 minutes of wearing it, it looks like a wrinkled mess.  Oh well.  The neckline is also very low, so I accommodated for it and made it work appropriate by tying a scarf around my neck that covers that area.  I wore it sleeveless for most of the day because it has been HOT here in VA for the first day of fall!  The cardigan was only included as a "just in case it gets freezing cold in the office".

Hope you had a great Wednesday!  Also, any advice you have on accessories and how you style them would be most, MOST appreciated!  What do you consider an accessory? Are there any blogs out there that you think just rock with the way they style accessories?  Please let me know!!! 

Dress - J.Crew
Cardigan - Banana Republic
Pumps - Tahari via DSW
Scarf, Earrings - Gift
Sunnies - Target

PS - In not so good news, in pulling into my driveway my oh-so-kind new neighbors wedged their truck and trailer so close together that I ended up denting the side of my car on the truck bumper trying to pull into the driveway.  Epic Fail. *Sigh*  I guess it's a good thing I'm on a shopping ban.

PPS - You can catch my look that I submitted for the contest here or here
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