September 15, 2010

Risking a Fall (Look)

This look is a bit of a risk for me.  First you've got the mini-skirt.  Big risk for this girl.  But the reason I'm able to wear it is because, in actuality, it's not that mini - really, it's the same length, maybe even a bit longer, than the shorts I wear.  I don't feel like I'm going to expose any kind of nether regions, a la Lindsay Lohan (probably wearing proper undergarments also helps with that particular fear).  And it covers the rear end quite well.

The second risk is the wedges + socks look I've got going on.  Popping up in magazines and store windows, I decided I wanted to have a go at this look after the boots I was hoping to wear did not work out (they made the outfit look like I was going to go to the nearest saloon and boot-scoot-boogie - all that was missing was a bolo tie).  After the fail with the boots, I grabbed the wedges, which I knew were going to work regardless of whether I decided to pair them with socks or not.  But in an effort to make this a more "fall" look, I decided to try the socks.  Plus I also thought that the juxtaposition of the black socks with brown wedges would play off nicely with the brown belt and black skirt.  I decided to up the ante of the brown black motif by grabbing this old corduroy blazer I had in the back of my closet but hadn't yet given away.  If I had any type of sewing skills, I would love to add some suede patches to the elbows of this blazer.  But alas, I do not have those skills as of today.

Accessories were kept to a minimum - I felt like adding anything too outlandish or big would distract from the overall effect of the look.  Or maybe I just didn't feel like wearing lots of jewelry today.  Either way, I just stuck to simple earrings and necklace. The only major addition was the flower pin to the lapel of the blazer.

Yay for taking wardrobe risks!  It's hard and uncomfortable, but really fun in the end! I really do like the way this look turned out :).

Happy Wednesdays!

Plaid Shirt - J.Crew
Mini Skirt - Old Navy
Blazer - Marshalls years ago
Wedges, Sunnies - Target
Socks, Belt - ?
Flower Pin - The Limited
Necklace - Premier Jewelry


Viktoria with a K said...

This is a risk I want to copy! I love it! Especially the dark pin on a brown blazer.

Elaine said...

I definitely wouldn't be able to pull off the socks/shoes combo. I have short legs.

I think the skirt is a fine length on you! Yay for taking risks!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Sarah said...

This is one great risk! I think it really worked out well. I love the colors and great job with the shoes and socks!

Mandy said...

I wore socks w/ heels this week as well! We must be on the same wave length... love the look :)

Sarah said...

I've totally tried the socks and shoe combo and I just can't do it. But you look great! I really love the blazer!

Lindsey N. said...

I LOVE the socks-and-wedges look...I'm probably going to copy it one of these days. And that blazer is such a pretty color!

Lindsey Soup

LaToya said...

I love your outfit! Looks like you stepped outta a magazine page!


Between Laundry Days said...

The socks with the wedges adds the perfect final touch to this super cute fall look!

t said...

I like the black + brown combo. :)

t said...

I like the black + brown combo. :)

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