September 21, 2010

Army + Navy = Fashion?

For some reason yesterday I got in my head that I wanted to try mixing the nautical trend with the utilitarian trend.  I naturally thought of these pants, especially since the color fits perfectly with that look.  And then I thought to top it off with this navy blue blazer and its gold buttons, which to me is kind of reminiscent of the nautical look.  To keep the look basic, I decided to go with a simple grey tank sweater and layer some gold/bronze-y necklaces.  To add a little feminity to the mix, I paired the ensemble with some heels.  The aviators actually add a touch of Air Force to the mix.  My father (a retired Marine and Naval Academy grad) would be so proud :).

On another note - is it just me, or do you feel that naming this trend "military" kind of cheapens exactly what our armed forces do for us?  I don't know, I just have a problem with cutesy designers and stylists going around saying "The military trend is sooooo hot right now".  That is why I try to be consistent and call it utilitarian.  I think it's fine to use the military as a design inspiration for clothing - but naming it military just rankles me.  It somehow - to me- puts an even further distance between us as Americans and the soldiers who are fighting in far-off countries and societies.  I don't know - do you think during World War II, in which many people were called to make sacrifices for the war, they would have had a "military" trend in fashion?

What about you? Do you feel the same way, or does it not bother you?

Blazer, Shoes - Banana Republic
Pants - J.Crew
Tank - TJMaxx
Necklaces - UrbanOutfitters, Target
Sunnies - Target
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