January 27, 2012


I think they say that the best way to start blogging again is to just start blogging again. And so my friends, I am back to blogging again. I apologize for the long unintended break. I am not shutting down my blog, nor do I intend to any time very soon. I just got distracted by life, work, and Pinterest (it's reached epic addictive proportions).

But as I was on hiatus, I've decided to spruce some of these posts up a bit. To write a little bit more. To expand from just outfit of the day posts. To try to challenge my creative skills more. And hopefully you'll stick around as the scope of this little spot on the interwebs expands some more.

So what has been up since before Christmas?  Well, first my family got the most adorable puppy on the planet:

Then I had a week-long business trip in Puerto Rico. Confession - I did not realize that Puerto Rico was directly to the east of Hispaniola - I don't know why I never realized this, but in all my years of learning geography and looking maps I failed to place Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. So imagine my surprise when I got there and these were the views that I got to see every day (albeit, mainly through hotel windows):

And proof that I really was there working:

Although on the last day after the conference was over, my coworkers and I went to the only rainforest (El Yunque) in the United States, which was pretty awesome:
In front of La Coca Waterfall
View from one of the Forteza's in El Yunque - that's the ocean you can see in the distance!
Puerto Rico is absolutely gorgeous. I would go back there in a heartbeat. I loved the people that I encountered and it was really pretty easy to get around. The beaches are amazing, the sky stunning, and the weather (in January) is pretty awesome.  AND apparently boring Ben aka The Bachelor aka Josh Groban is taking his gaggle of lady-friends to Puerto Rico next week. I can only wonder if they will end up staying in the same hotel that we were in for our conference (highly recommend the Wyndham Rio Mar!).

Other than the new puppy and Puerto Rico I've been busy re-doing my bedroom and trying my hand at some DIY projects found on Pinterest, which I will be posting soon!

I'm glad to get back to this space and really truly thank you for sticking around!! And come find me on Pinterest or Twitter as well, as I love to spend my web 2.0 time there these days!

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