November 2, 2011

Epic Hair

oct2011 004

oct2011 006

Y'all, this was probably the best curly/wavy hair day I will ever have in my life.  And that is why even those pictures are indoors and of awful quality, they go up on the blog because it chronicles (for myself) an epic hair day.  (Yes, I am that vain).

By the by, I kind of love the way this thrifted scarf ties all the pinks and greens together.  It's a scarf that has such interesting colors in it and I like I that I was able to put this color combo together. I love interesting color combos.  It keeps the artsy part of me happy :).

Pants, T-shirt, Cardigan, Belt - J.Crew
Scarf - DejaVu Consignment Store
Shoes - TJMaxx
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