August 17, 2011

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What happens when you can't get out of bed and yet have to be in at work earlier than normal?  You roll out of bed, decide that your hair that you haven't washed in a few days can make it one more day, quickly shower, and reach into your closet for a black dress because you can't go wrong with a black dress.  Some colorful earrings, fun heels, and a turquoise scarf, and you're out the door.

It's days like these that I am grateful that all of my accessories are in eyesight.  If I couldn't see them, it would be much harder to run out the door with earrings and a scarf.  So a tip from my accessories to yours, find a way to make them easily visible so that you can quickly decide on whether to add a dash of that extra something to your outfit!

Dress - Banana Republic
Heels - Bandolino via TJMaxx
Earrings - Acquired recently but I honestly forget from where - terrible I know
Scarf - Italian street vendor (but can be found from any city street vendor I'm sure)
Sunnies - Target
Necklace - Jess LC


DaisyParade said...

Simple, elegant, gorgeous! 

AmberBlueBird83 said...

a black dress can be a lifesaver sometimes. 

Lauren said...

seriously Amber! It's saved me many times :)

Christina said...

You really spruced up this LBD. I love the colors with it. It makes it so fresh!

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