July 7, 2011

Of A Literary Mind...

I have been a fan of Out of Print tees ever since I somehow in those random internet ways discovered them last year.  I love that they use old book covers as the artistic inspiration for t-shirts AND follow the one-for-one model by donating a book to communities in Africa for every t-shirt sold.  Last year for my best friend's birthday (who is an amazing English teacher as well as photographer, book reviewer, and soon-to-be mom - basically a typical wonder woman) my other best friend and I got her a gift certificate for a t-shirt (How do you decide which shirt to get for an English teacher??) and she got the Pride & Prejudice tee

It has been so fun seeing these t-shirts start to pop up among the blog-o-sphere and fellow book lovers.  I finally decided to get the Wuthering Heights t-shirt earlier this year and have loved having it in my closet, although, truth be told, I was struggling with styling it.  But after seeing this post from Emily at sartoriography, I got this idea to style it with this striped skirt, that I also have trouble styling.  It's a little bit of an odd shape - kind of high-waisted, kind of not, sort of knee-high, sort of not.  Just a bit weird.

But whether or not it is the most flattering shape, it was a great summer outfit for one of the hottest and most humid weeks EVER.  Seriously, we had a thunderstorm in the morning today - in the morning!  AND it didn't even take a smidge of the humidity away.  Blech.

Wishing you warm, not humid, days and pretty blue, cloud free skies!

Shirt - Out of Print Tees
Skirt - Banana Republic
Belt - H&M
Sandals, Sunnies - TJMaxx
Necklaces - Jess LC

(Look, I CAN put together an outfit without a piece of J.Crew!!) :)
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