July 5, 2011

A Dash of Pink, a Smidge of Blue

It has been a while since I posted up in here!  My apologies - it's been kind of crazy and it's only going to get crazier.  For those of you who continue to stick around and read this occasionally, thank you.  You are too kind and sweet, truly.  And those who leave a comment, thank you.  It is so fun to hear from people - it makes this blog the fun outlet that it is for me.

The title of this post reminds me of the Sleeping Beauty fairies and their pink/blue wars that led the evil crow and hence Malificent to the that little cottage tucked away in the woods. "Pink!" "Blue!" "Pink!!" "Blue!!"

This outfit is from a couple of weeks ago.  I love this bright pink neon shirt (and a post will be coming starring it again) and I decided for this outfit that I wanted to try mixing it with a print.  This skirt is actually a light blue although it seems to be more gray in these pictures (having editing troubles).  Then I added the navy flower pin and somehow it all seemed to work together.  I love how fun yet still classic the whole combination feels.

Have you tried mixing a neon color into your wardrobe yet? How have you styled these fun colors?

Shirt - J.Crew
Skirt - Banana Republic
Shoes - Target
Flower Pin - Anthropologie
Sunnies - TJ Maxx
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