June 17, 2011

A Short Story

This was not the original outfit that I started out wearing on this particular day.  No, I had this really pretty white silk shirt that was loose and dreamy and just perfect for summer and the necklace popped off the shirt in the most perfect way.  Well this particular day I actually had food in my refrigerator to eat (a rare occurrence for this gal), so decided to go home for lunch and enjoy the sunshine after being in the office all morning.  So I came home, grabbed a leftover taco out of the fridge, picked up my Kindle and then headed out to my back porch to sit and enjoy a few quiet moments.  There I was munching away on my taco, reading my Kindle.  Then I looked down.  To my horror a piece of the taco had escaped and fallen on my beautiful, newly dry-cleaned white silk shirt.  I leaped out of my chair, ran inside, located my Shout wipes and furiously scrubbed away.  Most of the stain came out, but it wasn't wearable for the second half of the afternoon.  So I threw open my closet doors and grabbed the first shirt that came to me, which was this green gingham number.

And so ends my story.

Has a tragic lunch story ever happened to you?  Am I the only one that munches on leftover tacos to tragic results? Or is it just karmic retribution for choosing a leftover taco instead of an expensive salad for lunch?

Shirt - Land's End Canvas (Highly recommend these LE shirts!!)
Shorts - J.Crew
Necklace - Fossil via TJMaxx
Shoes - Target (seriously, the cost per wear of these shoes has got to be down to a $1 - I wear them ALL the time!)
Belt - The Limited
Sunnies - TJMaxx
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