June 8, 2011

Fleeting Feelings

Have you ever had one of those weeks in which your outfits just click for you?  And then your hair cooperates with the weather?  I hope so and will be wishing one of these weeks your way because it is awesome.  It is like you carry a little pocket of happiness in your heart wherever you go, which is a fun feeling.

It is just a feeling though, so I know that it will go and be replaced with the bottom of the roller coaster soon enough where I am annoyed or unhappy with everything that the mirror is showing me.  So for now, I will just enjoy this part of the ride - this contentedness that is carrying me through the week.

On a completely random note, tonight I was watching the CMT Music Awards because I was hoping that my favorite alt-country duo, The Civil Wars would be performing (sadly that wasn't the case).  My hope for this performance carried me through the entire painful awards show, which ended on a note of bizzarity.  Ludacris, the rapper/actor (who I really enjoy, and have used his lyrics of "MOVE, get out the way, get out of the way" in various traffic situations), all of the sudden appeared on stage with a country artist named Jason Aldean.  It was very bizarre - almost...ludicrous, if you will.

(Sometimes, I crack myself up).

PS - Are you a Bachelorette fan?  If so, hop on over to my other blog, The Road Goes Ever On for further evidence of me cracking myself up at the expense of people who have decided to "find love" on national television.
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