April 22, 2011

Oh Baby

Did you know that gold shiny shoes are the new neutral? No?  Well then, I must implore you to try it. You will never go back to a boring neutral color :).

This skirt is a closet survivor - I have never been able to let this one go although I didn't like the way it fit the first few times that I wore it - years ago.  Lo and behold and a couple of years later and I am loving it.

On a completely different note, did you know that there is a new Bravo reality TV show called "Pregnant in Heels"?  No? Please, I beg you, let me enlighten you on this piece of cultural tour de force that you are missing out on.  First, the show is about a "maternity concierge".  What, pray tell, is a maternity concierge? I have no clue - it seems like it is a person who caters to crazy pregnant ladies' ideas that they have during their pregnancy.  For instance, she helps a lady and her gay "day husband" ask a British lord to be the god-daughter of her unborn baby girl because they believe that it would be good for their business relationship and because perhaps the lord would treat the girl to a trip to England. 

Rachel Pope, who is the concierge, also has a peculiar accent that I can't quite place.  It's something of a cross between an British accent and a lisp.  But the best part? THE best part? Is that there is an LT on this show who is her assistant/fashion stylist.  Not joking.  Please do yourself a favor and click here to read this hilarious article, just so that you can see a picture of "LT".

Oh cable tv.  I don't know which is better - this show or Lifetime's movie "Will and Kate" that debuted last night.

Skirt, belt - J.Crew (years ago)
Shirt - Banana Republic
Tank - Gap
Flower - Old Navy
Sunnies - TJMaxx
Shoes - TOMS
Necklace - Jess LC
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