April 12, 2011

Lace Top, Take Two

Once again - you will have to forgive the spot in the second photo - camera error.

This is kind of a cop out outfit.  This is the same lace top from yesterday's post and it's styled just a bit differently.  This is the outfit that I actually wore during the day and to work - yesterday's was just playing dress up with my closet.  So to make this a little bit more practical and work appropriate, I paired this lace top with a skirt and cardigan.  All the white paired with the greys and pinks is my take on the "neutral" trend.

I still decided to go with the more is more approach when it came to accessories - this top just seems to ask for more decoration to be added to it.  But I have to admit - I did feel like I was Jacob Marley clanking his chains to scare Old Scrooge every time I walked around the office.  There was no mistaking I was approaching - my super stealth ninja powers were completely negated by my style sensibilities :).

Lace Top - Madewell
Cardi - J.Crew
Skirt - Express
Shoes - UrbanOutfitters
Necklaces - J.Crew, Target, Walmart
Sunnies - TJMaxx
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