March 15, 2011

Easy Outfits, Crazy Days

Oh my goodness, am I actually posting an outfit the day I wear it?  Unreal!  It's such an anomaly for me these days, so you are going to have to pardon my excitement :).

This is the kind of easy outfit that I find myself trending towards these days.  A little bit of a billowy, looser silhouette on top with a jacket, scarf, and straight or skinny pants and flats - who would have thunk it, especially with me?  But it turns out that the little half mile or so that I walk to work across crooked brick walkways isn't really conducive to cute heels.  I have walked to work in my flats and then put on my heels, like I did on Friday (when I did actually participate in Red Pump Day, but it poured an unreal amount of rain down all day so I couldn't get any pictures).  It's a little bit like I am re-learning my wardrobe.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for hanging around here as I go through these life-routine changes.  It means so much to have you all comment and bring some fun and positivity through my day!  Thank you, so very much!

Jacket - Marshalls, long time ago
Blouse - White House Black Market
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - Gift
Earrings - Jess LC
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