March 28, 2011

Chambray Monday

Here I am giving the ole' denim-on-denim a try!  What do you think?

Would you consider these wide-leg jeans? I don't really know if they are or not - I got them a few years ago and have kept them as part of my jean collection because I like how dark they are and that they are a different kind of cut than my normal jeans.  I think what may make this outfit work is the fact that the shirt is tucked in. Add some super-big hoop earrings and brown boots, and well, you have an outfit :).

Is anyone watching March Madness?? Virginia's own VCU program just took down the remaining number 1 seed, Kansas!! Unbelievable!  I LOVE college basketball - the intensity of the game, the drama, the down-to-the-seconds strategy - it's so awesome, and so awesome to watch!  Of course my bracket got completely busted weeks ago, but I don't even care - a number 11 seed versus a number 8 in the Final Four? That is the epitome of everything that is awesome about March Madness - one of those two teams is going to make it to the Finals! Love. It.
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