February 9, 2011

Some Random Things...

So this was my Super Bowl weekend outfit!  So sorry for the late posting - I am all jumbled with my posts and what not because of how life has intervened into my little style blog.  And I am sorry little Small Time Style, life sometimes just takes precedent over you!

Anyway - One of my new blogging friends and favorites, hurricanekerrie of Books and Looks tagged me with a Stylish Blogger Award, which is like the sweetest thing ever!! THANK You hurricanekerrie!! You are too super sweet, and if you haven't visited her blog, take a moment to do so because this girl rocks color like no one I've seen!! She is awesome!

So as part of this award, I now have to list 7 things that you would never know about me otherwise. So if you care to keep reading, here they are!
1 - I am a bonafide Web 2.0 nerd.  I started blogging in 2007, which is now 4 years ago!! Craziness!  If you ever care to read some random ramblings on all sorts of things like reality TV, the Middle East, book reviews, or dance, check out The Road Goes Ever On.

2 - In Nov 2009, which was arguably one of the busiest months of my life, EVER,  I went to NYC specifically to see the world-wide one-on-one b-boy battle extraordinaire, the Red Bull BC One.  I can name all the elements that make up a good b-boy set and what the judges are looking for - top rock, footwork, power moves, and freezes - in case you were wondering.

3 - My taste in music runs the gamut from Mozart to Talib Kweli and everything in between.  You can just as likely find me at a performance of the NSO as you can at a Kayne West hip-hop concert.  You will however NEVER find me at Taylor Swift concert.

4 - I am Young Life leader in my small town and have been a leader for 5 years.  It is THE single best thing that I am blessed to do with my life and will be the only eternal and lasting thing I will do with it.

5 - I LOVE baseball and every year, for the past 8, 9 years I have worked with a summer collegiate baseball team - first with the Fauquier Gators and then the Herndon Braves.  Baseball is what launched my professional career - and I'm not even kidding.

6 - I have won a March Madness pool twice in my life!! Once in my office and once when I was in college - you have no idea how much I relish those wins.

7 - My great, great, great (or just great great - I can never remember whether its two or three) aunt was the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz! 

Thanks again hurricanekerrie!  

Jeans - Gap
Sweater, T-Shirt - J.Crew
Belt - TJMaxx
Necklace - Kiamchi7
Headband - MuchLoveIlly
Shoes - Target?
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