February 4, 2011

Matters of the Heart

Today is Go Red for Women day, and heart health and raising awareness for it is a cause (forgive this pun) near to my heart.  A lot of my relatives have had heart-related issues.  Both of my grandfathers passed away from heart attacks - one when I was just six months old and I never had the privilege of getting to know him myself.  And my mom, who is one of the healthiest people on this planet, has always preached the necessity of being good about heart health.  So when I stumbled across this Day of Awareness at What Andie Wears blog through the randomness of the blogosphere, I decided to make sure that I participated.

Which also means that this red blazer made it into my 30 for 30 items.  I decided to really play up the red with this amazing red heart necklace and my red dotted earrings.  I could have gone all out and used my red pumps, but I decided against it and went with the animal-print wedges instead.  Also, on a whim I decided to add a flower, but instead of my pink flower pin (which would have made this into a complete Valentine's Day homage), I went instead with my beige flower pin.

I hope everyone has had a great Friday!! I am super happy that it is the weekend because I desperately need some rest and I am glad that the Super Bowl will finally take place.  As a big sports fan, but even bigger baseball fan, I am kind of over with football season, and ready for some spring training to begin.  Thank goodness some March Madness will be coming up soon as well! There is nothing I like to watch more than games that mean something (and especially when an office pool is at stake!).

Will you be watching the Super Bowl? Who will you be rooting for?  Did you wear red today? If so, let me know and leave a link to your blog, because I want to see!

Jeans, Blazer - Gap
Shirt, flower pin - J.Crew
Wedges - Franco Sarto via TJMaxx
Belt - ?? It's a long-lost mystery
Earrings - Turkoyz
Fabulous Heart Necklace - Botanical Bird
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