February 4, 2011

Introducing Some New Loves...

Picture taken when wearing a different outfit...
 Everyone, I would like to make some introductions for some new guests that have recently taken up residence with me.  First up is my new haircut!  Doesn't she look nice?  She's not that strange looking and honestly, she's looked kind of the same before, but it is to see her again.  Especially after the Animal-esque fiasco that she was sporting yesterday!

Second, please meet my newest shoe loves.  I am very, very, very fortunate to own some beautiful pairs of shoes, but these lovelies are a new fav!! Look at them - they are a perfect neutral grey color, yet have textured flowers all over them!! *Swoon* Thanks and many props go to TJMaxx for supporting my shoe obsession.

And yet some more items pop up for my 30 for 30 - to be honest, I've been kind of flying by the seat of my pants because I still haven't completely nailed down all of my items yet.  I promise I will do so.  But thus far, I am only showcasing those items that have already made the cut.  This khaki jacket/blazer has always been a wardrobe favorite because it is so season-less - meaning it crosses into all seasons.  It has often been called upon to add that last finishing touch to an outfit.

Top, Jacket/Blazer - J.Crew
Jeans - Michael Kors via TJMaxx
Shoes - Chinese Laundry via TJMaxx
Necklace - Kiamichi7 and Jess LC
Belt, Sunnies - Target
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