February 25, 2011

Layer By Layer

Today Christina from Cosmopolitan Clevelander gives a short how-to on one of my favorite style to-dos - Layering.  I usually just wing it, trying this or that, and it can sometimes turn into a definite not.  But Christina shares today a few tips on what to do when layering, and the results are amazing - I love this girl's Americana classic style :)!!

Hello all! I’m Christina from the Cosmopolitan Clevelander! I am so happy to be guest posting for Lauren here on Small Time Style. I’m always inspired by her creative outfits. I even bought these very boots I am wearing when I saw her post about them. So you can say I owe this outfit to her!
So, recently we had some freakishly warm weather for February. It was so beautiful but a little too short lived as we just had an ice storm last night and we are right back to 20 degree weather. Needless to say, my body wasn’t really ready for that. So I thought I’d talk about my strategy to stay warm: layering.

I started with my H&M sweater, layered a white button down underneath, layered on top of everything my navy blue wool blazer, and dressed it up a little with the scarf. I was going to just tie the scarf in a slip knot, but I still wanted my other layers to be visible so I just draped it around my neck and secured it with this belt. I’ve said before on my own blog that I like to keep outfits really simple, and I feel like I still was able to achieve that because I kept the color palate very simple. Brown, purple, and navy were the colors I stuck with. Pick your color palate of no more than three colors and only use shades of these three colors. I feel like that will help keep from looking too disheveled when you attempt to layer. Also I put the lightest layers on the bottom and the thickest layers on top to prevent from looking too bulky.
I hope this helps! Happy layering and stay warm until the ice thaws!
Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer; H&M sweater and earrings; NY&Co. blouse; American Eagle jeans; Gap belt; Target scarf; Wanted Royalty boots
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