March 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be home.

I do love to travel and visit other places, and Las Vegas was no different.  Such an interesting city.  I have to admit that I like NYC and DC more, but Vegas is cool in its own way.  But nothing beats being home in sweet Virginia.

First, a big huge thanks goes out to Kerrie, Monk, Mandy, and Christina for filling in for me last week while I was off on my first business trip for my new Las Vegas :).  Sadly, because I am hyper-paranoid about losing luggage (it's carry-on for me all the way) and also didn't have any time to snap pictures in anywhere cool, I had a VERY limited wardrobe and didn't feel like I was in the kind of mental state to be stylish, so no Vegas pics.  So my uninspired wardrobe will have to just stay behind in Vegas.  Hey, I had to leave something there, right? :)

This is the first outfit in a week that I felt like even had an inkling of style.  Maybe it's because today was the first day in over a week that I actually wore heels!  I was walking so much last week that I just stuck with flats for most of the time and just haven't had a chance to wear heels since getting back.  But today I was determined to do so.

I'm actually lucky that I even came up with this outfit.  I am still adjusting to my new work hours and only had like 2 minutes to get dressed.  Thank flippin' goodness for black dresses.  They are little gifts sent from God.  Instantly stylish just because it is cut into a dress shape and its color is black.  Perhaps that is why I can't get enough of them :).

Thanks for hangin' with me and a big welcome to the new readers!  Please leave me a comment - I am slowly, but surely making my way around the blogosphere, catching up on posts I missed and leaving comments with millions of exclamation points :). Sorry, can't help myself! I love the inspiration of all you ladies!

Dress - Banana Republic
Tights - Walmart
Shoes - TJMaxx
Necklace - Payless
Scarf - Jen Loves Kev Etsy shop
Trench Coat - Old Navy (seriously, you should get yourself one - they are only $50!)
Sunnies - Target
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