February 24, 2011


I'm really excited to have Mandy from Clothes Coquette guest post today! I love Mandy's style - she comes up with such awesome work appropriate yet uber, uber-stylish outfits and I'm left in awe each time.  Please be sure to check her blog out if you haven't already! You will love it!

I was excited and flattered when Lauren asked me to guest post for her blog, and since I'm such a perfectionist, I spent hours pouring over topics. Okay, in reality, I tried to go over ideas, but it was mostly just me staring blankly at the wall waiting for an epiphany when I realized my theme was staring me right in the face: inspiration.

We all draw from different sources for our style inspiration, which is constantly growing and changing. I find fashion inspiration everywhere I can: magazines, websites, blogs, retail stores, friends. I also love visiting other cities because the trends can be so radically different from one place to the next (San Francisco, I'm talking to you). Possibly one of my favorite places to see different style influences is the H&M in Philadelphia, and whenever I shop there I always find my mind overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas. Maybe that makes me a style creeper, but finding outfit ideas is half of the reason I enjoy going there, other than shopping of course!

As bloggers, it's only inevitable that we find inspiration and ideas through each other's posts, constantly feeding off of each other for ideas, trends, and advice. Much of my inspiration comes from blogging, and some of my outfits are even directly inspired by another blogger. I dug up these never posted photos from October back when the weather was nice (*sob*), and we had no danger of icy winds or blizzards. At the time I was re-reading Bonnie's blog, Flashes of Style, and I think it's pretty obvious that's where I drew my outfit inspiration.
If I hadn't been reading her blog, I would have never thought to pick up a see through lacy black sweater or pair it with pretty florals. I got a lot of flattering comments when I was out that night, and I honestly feel like I can't take all of the credit. This outfit was a big departure from what I would normally wear, but it was so fun to try out something new.

Where do you garnier your style inspiration? Is it mainly from other blogs? Runways? Friends?

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