February 15, 2011

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You know those days in which you really just like your outfit? Am I the only one who has days in which my mood is instantly uplifted because I like what I've created out of my closet?  This is one of those outfits/days.  It also probably helps that it is in the mid-40s today with lots of bright, heavenly sunshine and that it is just past 6pm and it is still kind of light out!!  It's like the best day ever! :)

Though I stopped prematurely on my 30 for 30 winter remix journey, I used its inspiration in putting this outfit together this morning.  For some reason these pieces sprang into my head and thankfully when I put them together, it worked.  I had thought of belting the shirt and jacket, but the shirt was so long that I decided it would be better proportion-wise to try tying it instead.  And once I did that (and liked it), it wouldn't have looked right to add a belt over the blazer, so for once in my recent style life I DID NOT use a belt!!  Sooo crazy, I know! :)  A wide brown belt probably would have also given some nice waist definition, but sometimes it's good to stretch yourself and try something new.

Now, I just need to keep repeating that mantra over and over as I get ready to start the new job - sometimes it is good to stretch yourself and try something new!

Shirt, Blazer - J.Crew
Dress - Banana Republic
Necklace, Sunnies - Old Navy
Tights, Shoes - TJMaxx
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