January 12, 2011

Tilting at Windmills

No outfit post today - sorry.  It's been too cold/icy/snowy/camera-battery-dead/been-wearing-jeans-past-four-days around here for a cute outfit post.  So instead, I am just going to bring my shopping search to you all tonight.

Some of you have been so kind as to post links to similar looking boots of the $700 pair that I found below.  The heartbreakingly sad thing is that all of these wonderful lovely boots only exist in sizes 5, 6 or 7 - which if you have small feet, I am completely and totally envious of you and am wishing that my feet had been bound when I was a child.  Here are some that I've found...

 This is the Ciao Bella Thabata.  You can find her here.  She is $99.95.

This is the Seychelles Orchestra boot.  You can find her here.  She is $131.95.

This is the Vince Camuto Karena boot.  You can find her here or here on Ebay in 7.5.  She is $198 regular, $75 on Ebay. 

These are the Etienne Aigner Costa, which is also found on Ebay and is actually in my size - BUT they cost $179 plus $10 and NO returns...that's a lot of $$ to spend to not be able to return them.  I am crazily considering them though...

This is the Chooka Preakness Rain Boot, found here.  It costs $89.95.  It is being mildly considered.  It all depends on whether or not I take a pair of Hunter boots off of my wishlist and replace them with these or the Etienne Aigner pair.

*Sigh*  It seems like every two-tone brown and black boot that exists has been sold out.  It would be my luck to become obsessed with finding them during such a time.

On another note (and what is also holding me back from purchasing these boots) is anyone out there seriously considering going to the Texas Style Council Conference March 12th-13th? I am sort of considering it - the major thing holding me back is travel and accommodations.  Clearly, I would fly down, but I have no idea where to stay AND since the SXSW conference will be going on, it looks like everything is going to be pretty much sold out down there in Austin, TX.  But it is a place that I've always kind of wanted to visit AND I've been known to take a crazy adventure or two - and I consider going to a conference about style blogging a little bit of a crazy adventure, considering that I am a pretty small style blogger with limited resources (me, myself, and I, a point and shoot, self timer, limited daylight, and basic pc photo editing is all we got round here :)).  But anyway - Please let me know if you're thinking about going - crazy adventures are always more fun when there's more than one person :).
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