January 13, 2011

Baby, It's (Bitterly) Cold Outside

I promise no more posts about two-tone boots.  I've given up my quest.  I will just wait until next season rolls around.  So instead of pining away after a pair of boots, I am channeling them for inspiration instead!

I really like this outfit - I like how it came together.  And I liked it so much that I made a real effort to get some good pictures of it, especially since I had forgotten that I left my camera charging at my office so didn't have it take pics in the morning.  Confess - do you do this as well? You wear an outfit that you really like and therefore ensure that at some point during the day you get a picture of it?  Do normal people do that? Or just style bloggers? :)

I also feel like I am channeling a combination of Mandy and Tania with this outfit.  Mandy with her effortless mixing of black and brown combos and Tania with her winter-layering magic capabilities (you can barely see my striped knee-high socks over my tights).

And I've also broken one of my own style rules with this outfit combo of flat boots with a dress that goes just a little bit below the knees. I almost ALWAYS wear this dress with heels, but heels just aren't in the cards with all the ice that is around here in VA.  The next few days will see a return to 40-degree normal winter weather (hallelujah), so I'll be able to wear my normal shoes again, yay!

Sending warm thoughts your way!

Dress - Banana Republic
Striped Shirt, Socks, Tights - TJMaxx
Scarf, Earrings - Gift
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Steve Madden via Piperlime
Coat - Target
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