January 14, 2011

Conceptual Look - Winter

Truth be told, it wasn't until I was driving in to work this morning that I realized that my outfit echoed the beauty of the wintry landscape that is all around in Virginia right now.  There was a softness about the light in the sky, and the way that it pierced through the leaf-less trees and brown fields created an echo or longing within my heart today - that longing that is created after you have an experience of beauty - real beauty. I wish I had remembered to keep my camera near me at all times because it would have made for some pretty landscape shots, but the ones above do a good job of echoing somewhat that fleeting moment experienced this morning. It was a soft and peaceful feeling, which I hope is echoed somewhat in this outfit.

And I'm wearing flats again! I think that makes this a week straight for flats - which must be a new kind of record for me. I was thisclose to pairing this outfit with my nude heels, but then for some reason my Sperrys captured my attention and sent me down their flat-footed path, and once I started walking down it in my head, I couldn't leave.  I think its because they have a pinch of blue in the pattern on the tongue and sides (sorry, I should have taken a detail shot), and then when I decided to go with my orange scarf, I really liked how the shoes with the orange on the side echoed the color on top.

I got the idea to do a fancy skirt with dressed down shirt from Mandy and Elaine - both went with this look in their own way this week.  This navy blue skirt is really hard to style actually. I struggled with trying to figure out what tights to pair it with, but luckily the metallic silver tights came to the rescue.

And honestly - I don't know how well this outfit actually works.  But, as the dearth of words above demonstrate, it wasn't done without some thought! :)

Happy Happy Friday to one and all! Here's to hoping for some warmer weather!

Shirt - Target
Skirt, Tights - J.Crew
Belt - ?
Sperrys - DSW
Necklace - DIY
Scarf - Jolie Parisienne via Etsy
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