January 19, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living

This post was meant for Monday - MLK day - but the fates were not to have it.  I all of the sudden came down with a 24hr stomach bug that I would wish upon no one - not even my worst enemies, and it forced me to leave work early.  It was not fun at all.  But it did keep me home from work for a day, which was nice.  I often don't take sick days - like, ever - but I didn't want to chance it AND I decided to have mercy on my coworkers and not take the chance of the disease spreading.  Ugh.  But thankfully I am back in the land of the living - although, I woke up this morning with the worst pounding headache I've ever had.  Thank goodness for ibuprofen!

I love this dress - I found it at Ross on super sale - $10! Which was a genius find because there was another dress in the same size for $20 - it all depends on which rack you find it I guess.  I checked all the seams and everything carefully, could not find a thing wrong with it, and then did a happy dance in the dressing room at my good luck :).

My friend asked me to channel MLK in my outfit in honor of MLK day.  I didn't quite know how to do that, so decided to just try this dress and see how it went :).  It has a little bit of a mod vibe to it, yet is still very ladylike in its silhouette.  Also, it is black and white, working together in harmony for a perfect dress.  I'm pretty sure that is not the dream that MLK had in mind when he fought for civil rights, but who's to say that it shouldn't extend to fashion? (*kidding*)

Happy post MLK day and Wednesday!

Dress - Ross
Shoes - Wet Seal
Parrot Necklace - Forever21
Tights - Target?
Sweater - TJMaxx
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