December 6, 2010

To Sequin or Not Sequin - That is the Question....

Answer: Sequin, of course.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge posts to show you a Christmas party get-up.  Yes, as all of you so kindly suggested in your comments (which I loved, loved, loved :)), the sequin dress was worn.  In the end, there was just no denying it.  It had to happen.  Kind of like how peanut butter has to go with jelly.

It was so funny - the night before the party, I came home and had a mini-fashion show with myself (does anyone else do this? Try on a bunch of outfits to see how they work - or don't??) because I still wasn't sure about the dress.  So I put it on to psych myself up to wear it AND exactly what to pair it with - as in, what shoes, accessories, etc.  My initial thoughts (and default when it comes to accessorizing) was that I was going to let the dress speak for itself and keep the accessories at a minimum (Side Note - My unofficial rule is that the crazier the outfit piece, the more minimal the accessories - the more minimal the outfit, the crazier the accessories).  But when I tried it on, the one necklace wasn't cutting it for me.  So I decided to go crazy and wear a multi-chain gold necklace and I loved how it looked.  I was so surprised!  But went with it anyway :).

I had also thought about pairing my red heels with the black tights and dress, but they did not work either.  I did have a satiny pair of red shoes that have the cutest little half-bow on them, and while they would have worked, I really loved the elongated effect of pairing the black tights with the black semi-bootie-heels.  It just worked.

I also ended up putting my black Limited Flower Pin in my hair, but there isn't really a great picture representation of it in these pics.

All in all, it was a fun dress, a FABULOUS party, and an overall great time. you think I can wear this dress to the supermarket?? :)

Dress - Calvin Klein via Marshalls
Tights - Ross
Heels - Nine West via Marshalls
Gold Necklace #1 - Jess LC
Multi-Chain Gold Necklace #2 - Forever21
Black Bead Bracelets - Tuesday Morning
Black Flower Pin - The Limited
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