December 7, 2010

And Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming...



Here are outfits #27 and 28 for the challenge - 2 basic weekend looks.  Not much to them - As you all can tell from my other weekend posts, I like to keep things very simple on the weekend - just basic jeans and a cute top (plus sweater these days) to get through the day.

Two more outfits to go and then this challenge is officially done for me!  I also tried to take some pictures today of #29 outside, but it was an epic fail.  WAY too windy and cold for this girl - I wanted to cry.  So be prepared for some more indoor pics. Lo siento.

Jeans - Calvin Klein
Teal Sweater, Purple Sequin Top, Grey Turtleneck Sweater - J.Crew
Flats - Charles Albert via
Sunnies - Target
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