December 3, 2010

Lady in Red

Do you ever have those days in which you have a really killer outfit and you know it's a good one, but then you go to take some pictures of it and the pictures utterly fail to capture your really cute outfit?  That is what happened with me with these pictures.  I ran out of time to take them in my normal spot, so I decided to stop on my way into work to snap a quick few at my other favorite spot, but they were doing road construction, so I had to go to ANOTHER spot in order to make sure I got some quick pics.  And then of course it was FREEZING and gray and cloudy and just utterly depressing.  It's been a whole week of no sun in the sky during the quick 5 minutes I am outside on my way to my car and drive into work and it depresses me.  I fully admit to having seasonal affectiveness disorder.  Which I can usually combat with cute outfits.  But now I have to contend with cold temperatures in order to get some good pics!  I can tell that this is going to be a vicious cycle for me until the winter solstice occurs and then the days start getting longer again, leaving more time for some sunlight.

So in the end, these were the pics that made the cut that I mildly like enough to post.

And as for the outfit itself - I really like how I was able to turn that intimidating red dress into something work appropriate by adding a white button-down underneath it.  The belt isn't necessary for the dress, but I added it to give a little pizz-azz and tie together the white shirt and black tights/clogs.

And yes - the red dress is intimidating to me.  It is bright and fits me really well and on its own, is a very, extremely feminine piece.  I've only worn it twice in the challenge, but I'm grateful for the opportunity that the remixing challenge has given me in forcing me to be creative and figure out how to make this really pretty dress work in everyday situations.

If I chicken out on wearing my sequin dress tonight to my favorite Christmas event of the season, this is the dress that will be worn :).  But I think I'm going to go for it.  When else would I ever wear a sequin dress? Everyone in my small town already knows my wild style, so if they end up saying "Did you SEE what she was wearing??" the next day, so be it :).  Time for a sartorial risk.

 (Can you tell that I'm psyching myself up to wear it?)


Red Dress - Calvin Klein
White Shirt - LE Canvas
Black Clogs - BCBG Generation via TJMaxx
Sunnies - Target
Tights - Ross
Belt - The Limited
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