December 3, 2010

Happiness is a Haircut

There is nothing more that I love than getting my hair done.  It is a very vain and shallow fact about myself.  But I love my stylist - I've been going to him for about 6 years now - ever since I moved back home actually. But, not only do I love the fact that he is the only straight man that I know that can wear a pair of leather pants BUT he also is one-degree away from my hair idol, Nick Arrojo of What Not to Wear fame (he used to work with him as a colorist).  This time during my appointment I found out that he didn't decide to become a hairdresser until he was 27 and went to hair-dressing school in his late twenties.  It gave me hope that I too, a girl in her late twenties who has struggled for a long while in trying to decide what to do with herself whilst working away in cubbyland, that I can make a bold career change if I want to.  And the thing is - I want to.  I just don't know which route I should take - go back to grad school or pursue something with this fledgling blog and styling.

Anyway - apologies for the lackluster pictures taken again inside.  There was some reason that I ran out of time in the morning.  But on the flip side, at least there is a decent picture of my haircut :) (I warned you - vain and shallow here, vain and shallow).

Black Pants - Gap
Denim Shirt, Belt - Target
Gray Cardi - TJMaxx
Shoes - Banana Republic
Socks - Ross
Necklace - UrbanOutfitters
Haircut - Sherpa Salon
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