December 14, 2010

Confessions of a Style Blogger

You guys I have a confession to make.  I wore this exact same outfit yesterday as well as today. Two. Days. In. A. Row.  The exact same outfit - with the addition of a scarf.  That may be gross to some of you, to which I apologize.  But I aim to be an honest and authentic person (and blogger), so thus I share this detail with all of you.

I honestly couldn't settle upon an outfit that I wanted to wear this morning in my head, so I just opted to wear something that I thought semi-worked.  These pants are uber-comfortable and maybe a size too big for me (at least according to my mother).  I tried to combat their roominess on the bottom by creating a waistline and slimmer proportions on top, but I don't know if I succeeded.  The addition of heels most likely would also help with lengthening the overall silhouette, but I wanted to wear some flats today.  Sometimes my personal wants trump my style spidey sense.

I hope it is warmer where you are - it is officially FREEZING in Virginia.  The howling chill winds make me feel like I am out on the moors in Wuthering Heights!

Pants, Cardigan, T-Shirt - J.Crew
Scarf, Socks - Target
Flats - Sister
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