December 10, 2010

Hello Closet, Nice to See You Again!

So, confession time.  This is not the first outfit I wore after my challenge ended. But I ran out of time to shoot that outfit and even didn't think I liked it enough to take pictures.  But then I found myself thinking it actually was kind of quite cute in the middle of the day.  That happens to me a lot - I either find myself liking my outfit more and more as the day goes on - or hating it more and more.  Either or :).

This particular outfit kind of tended towards the "eh" end of my shifting scale.  There seems to be something a bit off but I can't nail down what exactly.  Maybe it's the belt or the fact that the shirt is tucked in.  Maybe it just tells me that I need to spend more than 5 minutes throwing things together when I don't plan my outfits out ahead of time.

What's funny is that I ended up using 2 items from my challenge in this outfit! But can I tell you how happy I was that I got to use some other items in my closet? Not to mention shoes!?  That is the best thing about the freedom of having my closet accessible to me again - my lovely shoes.  I use shoes the same way I use accessories - they are a key ingredient in the way that I try to add some "oomph" to my outfits.

Happy Friday to everyone!! Yay weekend!

Jacket, Cardigan, Necklace - J.Crew
Skirt, Shirt, Belt, Sunnies - Target
Shoes - Nine West via Marshalls
Tights - Ross
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