November 19, 2010

What I'm Learning...

First - Can we get a "hip hip" that today is Friday?  Hallelujah!

Second - I hope everyone gets a chance to read some of the Friend Friday posts that Katy of Modly Chic sponsors.  A bunch of bloggers around the blog-o-sphere contribute their thoughts on 5 questions that she generates each week and it always generates some interesting and intelligent conversations and thoughts. Well worth the read.

Third - As part of the 30 for 30 challenge, Kendi is doing a series called "Why I Remix" in which a different blogger is highlighted and explains why they are remixing.  This has generated and percolated some thoughts of my own on this very topic - except, I need to call it what I'm learning.

By limiting my entire wardrobe to just 30 items, I have found that instead of desiring the latest offerings on "sale" at J.Crew, I'm desiring the freedom to work within the confines of my own closet.  I'm finding that in trying to figure out an outfit for my 10 year high school reunion reading different style magazines for inspiration, I'm thinking more about items that are in my own closet than what I can buy to achieve that "look" I'm putting together in my head.  I also am finding that it forcing me to find my "style" voice more than a fashion voice.  It is helping me understand all those quotes that talk about how fashion is fleeting but style remains forever (or something along those lines), because I am forced to think about how I am wearing these items rather than what items I'm wearing (if that makes sense).

And I'm learning that my bank account likes a break once in while :).  I think that I like to shop way too much to forever give it up, but this is definitely teaching me that I don't need to shop as often as I do.  And that sometimes discipline is good for both growing as a person and further developing my own sense of style.  Controlling that compulsion is definitely hard but I've made it this far...and intend to make it through to the end :).

Anyway - enough deep thoughts! Time to go enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

Blazer, Sweater, T-Shirt - J.Crew
Skirt - Target
Pumps - Banana Republic
Belt - Ross
Flower Pin - The Limited
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