November 21, 2010

*Poof* There Goes the Weekend

Just an easy weekend look - a bright pop of green against a navy-blue striped shirt with some bootcut jeans.  I wasn't trying to go for anything special with this outfit - just something to run a bunch of Saturday errands.  Which included changing a headlight bulb in my car, which if you have a VW Jetta, be prepared to forever be changing this or that light that decides to just randomly burn out.  I was very proud of myself that I didn't need to ask my dad or any other guy to change the light for me - I figured it out all on my own! Which is never the case when it comes to cars - I hate that helpless feeling I always have whenever something goes wrong with my car...

This was my second weekend look.  I put a little bit more effort and thought into this one.  Still a basic shirt and jeans, but I tucked the shirt in, used a belt, a scarf, a necklace, and cardigan to finish off the look.  It has a great fall vibe that I thought was fitting for the day.  It was really comfy and yet still had a touch of pizzazz :).

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - mine was great but toootttaalllyyyy not long enough - why do weekends have to be so short???? I need Thanksgiving break (2 whole days off, holy cow!! Such are the joys of working in a small biz - you only get 6 days off a year - 2 of them in a row at Tgiving!).  I can't wait for Thanksgiving though - what a fabulous holiday and what a great excuse to enjoy stuffing yourself beyond the limits of your stomach!  But I won't lie - I can't wait to put up my Christmas tree and listen to 24-7 Christmas music :).  Although it feels like it was just Christmas - how a whole year has flown by, I just don't get.

ANYWAY - I'm rambling...happy night before Monday!

Jeans - Calvin Klein
Flats - Charles Albert via
Navy Striped T-shirt - J.Crew
Green Scarf - some stand in Italy
Grey Cardigan - TJMaxx
Blue Plaid Shirt - J.Crew
Scarf - gift from sister via Australia
Necklace - Target
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