November 16, 2010

A Monochromatic Experiment

*Blogger's Note - Please excuse the poor quality of indoor photographs for today's post. Today's forecast was a whole bunch of doom and gloom and lots and lots of rain, which prevented any great pictures of outfit being taken*

I decided to do a little experimenting with a monochromatic gray color scheme.  The sweater, cords, and heels are all different shades of gray, but I decided to try them all together in one big mash-up for today's outfit.  I went with one simple, gray-ish silvery necklace and earrings, along with a gray flower headband for my accessories to stay within the feel of the color.  I kind of like it for an experiment...

I have also found that I am now uber-hyper-sensitive about sitting on my couch, my former place of relaxation, turned feeding ground for some blood-thirsty fleas.  I have become like a hypochondriac, constantly feeling like something is biting on me, or thinking that bite wasn't there a minute ago - or was it? - or freaking out because ohmygosh that little black thing IS...just a piece of fuzz, annoying.

In other news, my high school class is actually having our 10-yr class reunion (at a local bar that remains the only smoking establishment in Virginia - how classy and appropriate...actually, a field party with a bonfire and cow tipping would have been more appropriate, but whatev...).  And I sooooo don't know what to wear.  I was trying to look back through some old outfits that I've posted up here today for some inspiration, but I'm coming up short, as I feel like my style has changed so much since when I first started posting. 

So tell me, what would you wear to your 10 year high school reunion in the local dive bar?  Please, send me your suggestions!!

Cords, Sweater, Headband - J.Crew
Heels - Tahari via TJMaxx
Necklace - Old Navy?
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