November 10, 2010

I Hate Slow Internet Connections

nov1010 003

nov1010 005

Day 3 30 for 30

Day 3 30 for 30

Day 3 30 for 30

You know that you are devoted to style blogging when you are willing to wait over an hour for 6 pictures to upload to the internet and onto your blog.  Six Pictures, all no bigger than 1.6MB.  That is freaking insane.  This computer is lucky that it is still sitting in my lap and not out through my glass front door. It's only because it is getting cold again this weekend that I have forgone that route - I have enough drafts of cold air coming into my apartment that a gaping one in my front door windows is probably not a good idea.

By the way, you all may want to set your TIVOs or DVRs tomorrow night to catch the Nightly News with Brian Williams.  Allegedly they are doing a segment tomorrow night on this organization called Homes for Troops for Veteran's Day.  My company supplied the cabinetry and stairs and rails for a fully handicapped accessible home for Staff Sgt. Bunky Woods who was paralyzed from the neck down during a patrol in Eastern Iraq.  I attended the key ceremony today with several of my other colleagues.  I wish you all could have been there.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sgt. Woods in our showroom and truly there isn't a more upbeat, positive person I have met.  He has met the challenge of his condition with a grace that is hard to describe.  Be sure to stop by my company's blog tomorrow to see some pictures of the house, kitchen, and ceremony.  AND who knows, you might see this blogger in the crowd background at some point if Nightly News does actually air the segment :).

PS - Many thanks and welcome to all the new visitors who have stopped by and left me links to your blogs!! I am making my way through them, starting with my fellow 30 for 30 bloggers - it is so fun getting to see everyone remix! Truly, it is so awesome to see everyone's style and enthusiasm for this challenge! It is combining all that I love the most about the style blog community - our willingness to take risks, stretch our creativity, and support each other through it all!

White Shirt - LE Canvas (which somehow got a stain on the BACK of it! How does a shirt get a stain on the back?? Hopefully it came out in the wash)
Black Pants - Gap
Shoes - Banana Republic
Scarf - Marshalls? Target? Not sure...
Belt - H&M
Earrings - Loehmann's
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