November 9, 2010

Forgoing the Hunt

So the other day one of my best friends, someone who knows me inside and out, left me a comment that said something like this: "Congrats on doing this challenge!! I'm so proud of you!  But I think the hardest part for you will be the no shopping, not the styling!"

And it's SO true! Friends, I have an addiction - or maybe it's this inner, innate, primal drive that lives inside all of us that drives us to react to good deals.  You see, my dad is a hunter.  Every Friday/Saturday during hunting season, he'll go out and sit in the woods for hours and hours with his bow, waiting for the perfect buck to come his way.  He prepares by going out and placing a tracking camera in the woods, setting up tree stands, tracking, etc, etc.  Well I think this drive for the "perfect" buck translates over into my DNA in the form of the "perfect" dress, or the "perfect" top, or the "perfect" becomes like a hunt, except I'm looking for the best deal.

So when J.Crew, one of my favorite retailers, pops up in my inbox this morning with 40% Off Our Holiday Sale + Free Shipping, during day 2 of my no-shopping remix challenge, I felt like I had to let the perfect buck walk right past me. *sigh*  Discipline my friends, I am learning to be disciplined.

In other news - I really like this outfit. I specifically included this dress and turtleneck and sweater in my 30 for 30 because I had dying to wear this outfit for over a week and didn't want to wait any longer.  That dress my friends is J.Crew and only $30.  It has become a new all-time favorite - I can't wait to remix it these next few weeks!  I also kept accessories pretty minimal - I started out layering and layering a ton of necklaces but then looked in the mirror and took most of them off - it just didn't go with the vibe of the outfit today.

I'm having so much seeing all the other bloggers out there remixing!!  It's definitely a lot of fun to have so many other people out there participating and know that you're a part of it as well!!

Dress, Cardigan - J.Crew
Turtleneck - Gap
Tights - Marshalls
Clogs - TJMaxx
Belt - Ross
Flower Pin - The Limited
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