November 8, 2010

Aaaaannnddddd, We're Off!

Here we go!! 337 style bloggers across the world wide web are bursting out of the gates today, beginning Kendi's remix challenge, the third edition of the 30 for 30.  And for reasons unknown to me, I signed up for the challenge.  Granted, I made this decision around 11:30pm on Friday night after sitting through an 8 hour class on learning how to trade stocks and options.  And then I also had gotten up at the crack of dawn to sit through said investing class.  And then sat in traffic for an hour and half coming home.  So perhaps I wasn't thinking too clearly?

Too late! I signed up for it, and so, here we go!  Outfit #1.

I choose the jeans and striped t-shirt with boots, a more relaxed look, because it is a Monday and I have Young Life club on Monday nights, which isn't really conducive for very dressed up outfits.  Also, since I'm going to be on my feet for a long time today, I choose to go with the boots.  In order to jazz it up a little bit for the office and daytime, I added the green velvet jacket and belted a floral scarf around it.  I really love the colors in the scarf - it's very fall-ish.

Woohoo! Day 1, done!  Can't wait to see everyone else's looks for today!

Jeans - Gap
Blazer, T-shirt - J.Crew
Scarf, Belt - Target
Boots - DSW
Sunnies - Old Navy
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