November 8, 2010

30 for 30: The Rest...

J.Crew Ginny Rugby Dress, Calvin Klein red dress
Target Zebra Skirt, Bootcut Jeans, Gap Jeggings, Black Pants, J.Crew Grey Skinny Cords

J.Crew Blue Plaid Shirt, Target Denim Shirt, LE Canvas White Button Down

Target Black Blazer, J.Crew Green Jacket

J.Crew Ruffled Cardi, Black Jeweled Cardi, Grey Turtleneck Sweater, V-Neck Teal Sweater, TJMaxx Grey Cardi

J.Crew Long-Sleeve V-Neck Grey Tissue Tee, Navy-Striped Long-Sleeve Tee, Painted Splattered Grey Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee, Ruffled Peach V-Neck Short Sleeve Tee, Purple Sequin Long-Sleeve Henley Tee, Old Navy White Ruffled V-Neck Short Sleeve Tee, Gap Black Turtleneck
That's it!! The rest of my 30 for 30 Items - 2 Dresses, 1 Skirt, 2 Pairs of Jeans, 2 Pairs of Pants, 3 Button-Down Shirts, 2 Jackets, 3 Cardigans, 2 Sweaters, 7 T-Shirts/Tops, and 6 Pairs of Shoes - and unlimited accessories, thank goodness :).  Stay tuned for the first outfit of the challenge!

1 comment:

LTS said...

yay, good for you friend! i have no doubt you can put together 30 awesome outfits.... now the no shopping, that's a little harder :) good luck!

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