November 1, 2010

Go Vote!

This outfit just happens to coincide with the eve of Election Day tomorrow, so here I am, fashionably showing off my patriotism :).

Ever since Kendi got her red suede heels, I've been dying to get a pair myself.  I love how she styles them.  Well, a few weeks ago, Madeline over at UberChic for Cheap posted these beauties from Wet Seal that were $10!!  For that price, how could I not get them??  So I snatched them up, and after waiting for what seemed like eons they arrived, just in time to perfectly complement this outfit.

I could have paired my tan jacket from J.Crew with this outfit, but I really liked echoing the bright red pop of color of the jacket with the shoes on the bottom.  The color becomes the focal point of the outfit, while the other "neutrals" - in this case, black skinny jeans and a blue & white plaid top - serve as anchoring points so your eye doesn't become too overwhelmed.

I got creative with the necklace, using an existing chain from another necklace to lengthen an otherwise wooden bead choker.  It gave me the length I was looking for, at an unbeatable price - free! :)

And I hope everyone goes and votes tomorrow!! No matter your views (jaded or optimistic) on our political system or your party affiliate, it is an inalienable right that we as Americans enjoy.  Besides, in a Congressional election, your vote actually does count - more so than in a Presidential election!  And as my professor used to say, you have no right to complain about the political system if you do not vote :).  So Go Vote!!

Jacket, Jeans - Gap
Shirt - J.Crew
Heels - Wet Seal
Belt - H&M
Sunnies - Target
Necklace - Me!
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