October 29, 2010

In Which I Relate the Inner Workings of my Brain...

I can't remember why exactly I chose this color combination - for some reason I was like, "Oh, Gold and Grey, of course!" when this came together.  This is one of those outfits that was more of a byproduct of me standing in front of my closet and just pulling out random things - "Oh, I want to wear those black pants today. Ok, sooo, what to wear on top? Hmmmm, how about this grey shirt? No, wait, THAT one!  Oookk, now something to go over it....what about that gold cardi?? Hey! This actually sort of works!  Grey ombre heels to the rescue, with a dash of gold accessories...aaannnd, I'm out the door...shoot, still late for work..."

That is literally how my brain works :).

It was very warm when I took these - which was NOT the case when I took pictures today! Brrr, a cold snap has spread through NOVA...which is awesome, considering I'm camping out with a bunch of high schoolers tomorrow night...please Lord, let it be a little bit warmer?

Hope you have a great weekend, however you are celebrating Halloween - I will be with my parents, either handing out candy to little kids or restraining our dogs from excitedly attacking said children :)!

Pants - Gap
Shirt, Cardi - Banana Republic
Belt - J.Crew
Necklaces - Target, Jess LC
Earrings - Gift from sis
Shoes - Tahari via TJMaxx
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