November 3, 2010

Blech, Ugh, Blah

The only reason I am posting this humdrum outfit is for the sake of blogger honesty.  This outfit clearly reflects the lack of thought that went into it.  An attempt to layer was made, but it doesn't seem to work too well.  The lack of a belt is sorely missed and would have gone a long way in creating some kind of shape.  I think I was on the right track in keeping things overall simple with the *BAM* of the gold shoes - (yes, those are gold. sparkly. shoes. and I lurv them) - but went awry in the execution.  And then I didn't leave myself any time in the morning to really study my reflection for more than a moment before I had to run out the door.  Oh well.  The ironic thing is that I went I removed the white button-down later, I instantly liked my outfit a 100% more.

I also got really frustrated taking these pictures - I was trying out a new location and had a really hard time getting in the view of my camera on its tripod. Ah well.  So it goes, right? :)

I guess my other problem is that I have been severely lacking in creative inspiration.  It's so weird how some days you can feel uber-inspired by the littlest things and then you go through a spell of just feeling all dried up.  And you end up throwing on a humdrum outfit!

Today's outfit was much better though.  I'll be posting that one soon!!

Ever feel like you're lacking in the creativity department? What do you do to spark it?? And be honest, don't you love the sparkly gold shoes? (Actually don't be honest - I am very happy living in my "I love them" vibe right now :))

White Shirt - Land's End Canvas
Jeans - Gap
Grey Long-Sleeve T-shirt - J.Crew
Gold Shoes - TOMS
Leather Jacket - Loehmanns
Scarf - Gift
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