November 7, 2010

30 for 30: Sneak Peek

I'm in!  I'm officially part of the 30 for 30 remix being run by Kendi at Kendi Everyday.  I'm nervous and still in the planning stages.  I think I have all of my pieces picked out (which I will be posting later today after I run a few errands), and this Red CK Dress, Grey Cardigan from TJMaxx, and Grey Ombre Tahari Heels all made the cut.  I actually wore this particular outfit a few weeks ago.  The dress is really dressy, so it is going to be interesting/fun to see how I can dress it down (and up if the occasion calls for it)!  I love it's bright red color.

I am still in the planning outfits stage of the process (have lots of work to do - on many fronts in my life), and it definitely is sad to think of not wearing some of the items in my closet for a while (particularly my shoes!).  This is also going to be a completely different approach to getting dressed for me - I hardly ever plan particular outfits - I usually just let it come together in my head overnight or in front of my closet in the morning.  But since I am all about growing as a person lately, this is going to force me and my creativity skills in a new direction.  I hope to discover that in forcing myself to plan things out a little bit, I'll find that I strengthen my creativity skills even more. We'll see!

Also there are two situations (possibly three) that will force me (or I'm allowing myself) to deviate from my 30 items.  One is that I am golfing on Thursday, which necessitates proper golfing attire - none of which are a part of my 30 items.  The second is that the challenge will quite possibly stretch into the first week of December.  That Friday is the annual Christmas cocktail party that my dear friends, the Griffins, throw each year.  I have already gotten a party dress for the event and am reserving the right to wear it for the party, but it too is not part of my 30 items.  The third is a possible 10-yr high school reunion (which may or may not actually happen), but if it does, sorry guys - the whole closet is fair game!  But Thanksgiving, a possible concert at the Kennedy Center, a ceremony for Homes for the Troops that is being recorded by NBC Nightly News, and other daily life has been accounted for in the 30 items.  I just wanted to be upfront with you all that some rule-bending will occur!

Stay tuned for the item post later, as well as my last outfit before the challenge begins!
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