October 25, 2010

Time Flies By...

Time keeps flying by me.  I desperately wish for a pause button for my life...that, or a teleporter.  Either or.  I'm not picky!

This was a "I like this outfit in theory, not so sure about practice" kind of outfits.  But it is ok for what it is.  At least it's not a black dress or jeans! :)

I am hoping though to mix this sweater dress in a lot over the course of the rest of fall/winter.  I really like it's neutral tan color and am hoping that it will yield some more outfits.

Oh and simple jewelry trick I employed here - use another necklace's chain to add some length to an otherwise too short necklace! 

Dress, Socks - Ross
White Button Down - United Colors of Benneton
Black Boots - Marshalls
Black Belt - Old Navy
Necklace - Ruche
Bracelets - Tuesday Morning
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